Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spaceship Planet Earth!

Mention of earthquakes in the previous article reminded me of the movement of the whole planet, not only in it's daily rotation, but also of it's annual journey around the sun. It skims through space at an astonishing 107,000 kilometres per hour! Further to this our entire solar system is moving at an incredible speed, so I suppose it's not surprising that the planet quakes a bit at times!

Here an astrophysicist explains these cosmic movements in rather more ordinary terms!

I went to the American NASA site for this information knowing that would be a reliable source.  NASA stands for 'National Aeronautics and Space Administration'.

For those of us who are looking for beauty rather than intellectual content, the NASA picture of the day provides a gallery of glories. Note that the backward and forward buttons which enable the viewer to move from one image to the next can be found below the picture caption: look for the 'elbow' shape to the left of the word 'Archive' and an opposite shape to the right of the word 'Discuss'

Here is a photograph from my own collection. If not strictly astronomical in subject, it does show the cosmic forces in action at closer range!

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