Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weather, tides and earthquakes ~ New Zealand web links for forecasts and events

New Zealand is an island nation situated in a large amount of ocean and with fault lines running along its length. This means that the weather is changeable, and most of us live within easy distance of the sea and are likely to know what an earthquake feels like. Locals as well as visitors may find these websites useful for reference:

Weather forecasts, as provided by The Met Service.
    Ocean tide times, as provided by Ocean Fun Publishing or more particularly this page
    This website is brilliant and a must-have for anyone who enjoys the beach or the water! 

    Earthquake information: if you feel one or want to file a report you can go to the GeoNet site                                 

    On this page you can see how frequent they are! To non-New Zealanders I must add that mostly these are mostly very minor, for example, we felt the one on 25th February but only because we were sitting quietly at the time. It was a similar vibration to that which can felt when truck or bus passes by, and if there had been traffic on the road outside at the time we wouldn't have noticed it. I confirmed it when I looked up the site later and filed a report.

    This site also includes information about volcanic activity, tsunamis and landslides.

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        penelope said...

        Thanks for those useful sites. I feel quite (?in)secure seeing that map bristling with little earthquake stars, and knowing I didn't feel a thing. :)P