Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Watching the big fish

I was sitting idly drinking a cup of tea when I saw something unusual out at sea just beyond the breakers: a large group of fish or sea mammals of some sort were showing their backs as they curved about in the water. ...And they're still at it. I need a pair of binoculars to see better. Whatever they are they're fairly large; too close in to be whales, although a pod of them did go past here a week or so ago, which I didn't see, but they may be seals. How wonderfully mysterious! Green Island, you rock!

Closer at hand and fairly commonplace, but no less mysterious for all that, are the reminders of tiny lives that wash up on the shore:

Or that lie still breathing beneath the sand:

Fresh water crossing the beach links the land with the ocean:

It may be cold on the beach, but beauty is everywhere.

Actually, that's a very different beach: Sumner.  It's good to get out and walk and not take it all for granted.  I love the world we live in. Breathe in that glorious ocean air, and out again, and in... I like to think that the ocean too breathes - with its tides.

You can find my other articles about exploring the beach and its rock pools via the link below: 

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