Monday, 19 September 2011

Vege fritters ~ for 'vege loading'

Some of my tastiest cooking is achieved when I'm left alone to make what I can of an odd assortment of ingredients.  I've been a bit lazy about getting my vegetables onto a plate lately and felt the need to catch up.  Also I was hungry and nothing else appealed.  Pumpkin fritters are always nice, but today I decided to pack more goodies into them.  Here is what I used:

Pumpkin - 2 cups of this grated
Onion - half of one, finely chopped
Flour - 4 tablespoons sprinkled over and mixed with the above
Peas - frozen - half a cup
Rocket - a big handful of fresh leaves
Parsley - as for rocket
Salt - nearly 1 teaspoon
Eggs - 3 beaten
Note: total weight of vegetables and herbs prior to adding eggs is 250 grams.

I mixed the flour and veges thoroughly and sprinkled the salt over them.  In a separate bowl I whisked the eggs and then mixed them in.  The mixture became a little gooey, but not too much.  I heated a heavy iron pan to a SLOW heat, added some oil, spooned in fritter-sized portions and patted them down to about a one centimetre (half inch) thickness, then cooked them on one side, then the other until golden brown.  Serve with a little tomato sauce or relish. 

This made ten good-sized fritters and more than enough for two people.  They were as good as I've had anywhere!  

There, I've put it down before I forget it.  Maybe you will enjoy something like this too.

Notes - 1st November 2011:
I've made these twice since then.  I've found that it's important to cook these on a slow heat so that they cook through properly.  The second time I made them the insides weren't quite done, so they were okay but not great.  So when I cooked them again last evening I cooked them slowly and they were excellent!

The ingredients used can be varied quite a bit:
In my most recent batch I made a variation on the above theme, substituting a cup of grated carrot for one of the cups of pumpkin, and putting in about a cup and a half of freshly chopped parsley and rocket, along with a couple of fresh sprigs each of marjoram and oregano.  I really don't care for raw or even partly raw onion, so I sauted the onion until the pieces separated.  Lastly, I forgot the peas - which turned out not to signify.

I've never been that great at fritters, and this feels like a new element in my cookery repertoire - simple, packed with goodness, fairly quick to make, and very tasty indeed!

Notes: 28th November:
I've now made these quite a few times and they have indeed become a firm favourite.  Sometimes I've included a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese, or crumbled in some feta cheese, and all of the herbs and vegetables can be varied, so it's a very flexible and tasty meal, very quick to prepare and uses hardly any cooking gear.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Not many cities" ~ Scribe sings for Christchurch

This song by musician Scribe, adapted to show support for his home town, Christchurch, reflects the sombre mood of the city at this time and show views of the city at present closed to the general public:

The video was put out by the BNZ who wanted to show support and encouragement to residents.  Proceeds from the sale of the recording goes to Christchurch Plunket.

A cousin of Scribe's was killed in the 22nd February earthquake so the tragedy of that disaster struck very close to home.

Later note: the change of mood in the city alters with time.  The later song "Christchurch City (my home town)" by James Beck, uploaded to YouTube in January of 2012, show different locales and has an entirely different mood.  To find my posting of it click on the link below:
A complete list of my earthquake articles can be found on the following page: