Elderly and dependent ~ finding the way forward ~ list of all Leigh's articles in this series

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On this page all articles in the series will be listed in groups with direct click-through links provided to each one for easy reference.  

Becoming elderly and dependent is full of challenges and requires new skills, both for those who are aging and for family and friends.

In this series I share what I have learnt from my own experience in the hope that it will benefit others, to provide useful information and things to think about along the way.

For those who are 'getting on' but not yet much dependent there is plenty you can do to prepare for that eventuality: sensible, practical things that will be a big help for both you and your family and friends; and they can help, help a lot, by participating in that preparation; these are good things that you can do together.  

The scope of what I have to share is extensive so beyond the first few articles I am compelled to write on subjects just as they come most vividly to mind. 

These ones are the start:
  • Whiten yellowed wool ~ with white vinegar - when Ellen's new cream-coloured woollen cami-top came back from the rest home's general wash badly discoloured I thought it had been ruined, but no, with white vinegar treatment it was returned to a beautiful cream.
  • Rice custard ~ baked ~ delectable!  Food for Ellen, easy to digest and most importantly a successful and enjoyable way for her to get extra carbohydrates and nourishment.  I have a great deal more to say about food and the elderly, which will have to wait for another article.

A (true) heartwarming and insightful story about an elderly neighbour, written by Maggie Phelan:
    Russell Brown's article 'When is the right time to die?' includes an interview with me about the value of my mother's Advance (end of life) Care Plan.

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