Thursday, 8 October 2009

Country Calendar - other episodes I've especially enjoyed

As I've said in the item about cornmeal, "Country Calendar" is a wonderful show.
I list some other favourite episodes here for those of you who share my enthusiasm:

"Catlin's organics", which screened on 17th April 09 about the pros and cons of organic farming.
"Of milk and honey", which screened on 15th May 09 featuring a farm which produces organic milk in Southland, including their own ice cream
"Taste of the Land", which screened on 18th July 09 featuring an bio-dynamic (organically farmed) vineyard, Rippon
"Horse sense", which screened on 28th July 09 featuring a new style of natural horsemanship as developed by Kate Hewlett
"Great and small", which screened on 11th July 09 about a retired couple who make cheese from their two cows
And I find I can't leave this one out: "Heaven scent", about a group of sweet pea growers.

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