Sunday, 27 December 2009

'Gooseberry-licious' ~ a little like a sorbet

The name of this recipe is my own as its original name has been lost for the moment.  It's a contraction of Gooseberry-delicious, of course! Althought it can be served by itself, it's the perfect foil for red currant fool - or fruit loaf. The flavour is tangy so a little goes a long way.

Take any quantity of fruit and about half its weight in sugar. Put it in a cooking pot and add enough water to just about cover it. Add some generously sized sprigs of mint - yes, that's right, mint! Cook until tender, which isn't long. Check the flavour for sweetness, and add a little more sugar if required. Take it off the heat, pick out the mint, then remove the skins by pushing the mixture through a fairly fine sieve over a bowl. Allow to cool, then pour into a flat dish or container and put it in the freezer. Once frozen it's ready to serve. Remove it from the dish by scratching it up with a turned over fork which breaks it up nicely. Serve it in party glasses with pretty teaspoons if you have them. The mint somehow makes the gooseberry flavour more gooseberry-ish!  :-)

Thanks to Penelope for the recipe - if you remember the name let me know!

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