Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Land of many skies ~ spectacular images on the Met Service website

When checking the weather forecast on the Met Service site this morning I caught sight of this striking photograph by Paul Hurley, which is posted on their photostream.  It's a great collection and a delightful way to take a wander through New Zealand's scenic wonderlands.

Thanks to all the photographers who have generously contributed their work to it and the Met Service for hosting it.  

In the Flickr format used for its display there is a rather bewildering range of options for navigating through it.  One way is to go to the link to the photograph above and select the slide show option.  This can be found in the drop-down menu of the 'Actions' tab which is above the top left hand corner of the photograph: select 'View slideshow'.  To view them one at a time you can go to the miniature row of images on the right and arrow through them, etc.  There is also a range of options as to magnification and speed of display.

I must add a final note regarding the format: will someone in Yahoo please obliterate the ridiculous word 'embiggen' from their current vernacular!  How ridiculous!  Whatever happened to the words 'enlarge' and 'expand'?  That said, the format is certainly used here to good effect.

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