Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A reluctant housekeeper ~ and a more reluctant cook

I've spent time today thinking about what continues to motivate me to write these articles which have turned out to be so much about food and housekeeping.  The truth is that not only am I a reluctant housekeeper but I am an even more reluctant cook, so this apparent preoccupation has surprised even me!  Furthermore I must confess that I actually put these chores off until I know I can't get away with it any longer.  So since motivation doesn't come from enthusiasm in this quarter where does it come from?  The reason is that each time I achieve something domestic I find I'm pleased as well as mildly surprised, and since these tasks can seem burdensome I'm keen to share my discoveries with others.  

But there are other reasons: I love the natural world intensely and continue to be appalled by widespread disregard of the miracle that is our environment.  I abhor wastefulness, and the modern culture of buying everything ready made which is not only expensive but also extremely wasteful: 
  • Everything comes in packaging, much of which is not able to be recycled but goes into landfills. 
  • Much of it isn't produced locally, so doesn't benefit local communities, only big rich food retailing chains.  
  • These foreign products require fossil fuel to be transported from place to place, when they could be produced or grown locally, benefiting us, our friends and our families directly.
  • Ingredients may be obscure or unidentifiable to ordinary purchasers and we have no idea whether they have been ethically produced or purchased by our retailer. 
Making our own food and products is often much more wholesome: it increases our knowledge and control of what we are paying for and consuming, often its cheaper, and amazingly, often actually nicer or yummier!  And it's not difficult to do a lot of these things, in fact it's easy, and very satisfying.  There - that's why!

Remember those yummy Belgium biscuits?  And yes, that's my own plum jam on them!  Anyone for afternoon tea?

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