Friday, 3 September 2010

Lemon sour cream cakes from the Steam Cafe ~ cakes to dream of

Article updated: 8th November 2011
I quite often clip recipes from the newspaper but seldom get around to actually making them.  I'm am so glad I did try these out as they have become a much loved feature of my baking repertoire.  They are utterly delectable.  I make them exactly according to the directions except that I usually take them out of the tins before they had fully cooled - can't wait!

Served here with fresh raspberries and my delicious ice cream - superb!

Here is the link to the recipe as it appeared in the Otago Daily Times

I see that the on-line version differs from the print version in the lemon syrup quantities.  I've always used the ratio given in the print version which states half a cup of caster sugar, whereas the on-line version says one cup of it.  The juice of three lemons is about half a cup, so if you use half a cup of sugar it's a one to one ratio; the syrup is really runny and drenches each little cake.  Y-u-m-m-y! 

If you want to be really indulgent, these are festive and even more delicious served hot with whipped cream.  Heat by powering the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds.  The image above shows one served with my own ice cream and the last of the summer's raspberries - an unbeatable combination.  You'll never have any of these cakes left over!

The recipe for my ice cream is here:
Hats off and thanks to Toni McLennan, the owner of Steam Cafe in Thames Street, Oamaru, for generously making this recipe available.

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