Saturday, 23 October 2010

Springtime ~ and the garden bursts its winter seams!

The last few weeks have marked a decisive change of season.  While weather has remained changeable lawns have begun to grow with a vengeance.

The big clump is the Shasta daisies
Insects are suddenly everywhere: last week I came across a little enclave of ladybirds as I pulled clover out of the side of a path; later when I was weeding another path I disturbed a colony of ants; at another crevice a family of baby earwigs swarmed out in alarm; plump worms have writhed at my unexpected intrusion as I've weeded along the edge of the lawn; and birds have later enjoyed pecking over the loosened earth. 

Round the back our three households have clubbed together for a shared vege garden.  Already it is striped with promising green rows as new growth shoots forth.

The garden is bursting with life.  It's even a little dry in parts.

I was up unusually early this morning.  Skies were clear and the air crisp.  I wanted a cup of tea, and so my day started.

Not so long ago an intelligent person told me that it's best to water the garden during the day as watering in the evening increases the chance of mildew and so on.  Early morning is ideal.  Keen to give the dryish parts a drink before the heat I went outside. 

It was lovely out there.  Carefully breaking through spiders webs I cautiously reached for the tap giving resident spiders a chance to scuttle for cover.  I clicked the hose into place and it sprang to life.  Water gushed forth and also spouted from unexpected splits where the plastic has finally given up.  I'll tape them up later when the hose is dry.

I swished out the bird bath and sprayed the water about happily - I rather enjoy water play.  It seemed wasteful, but this early in the season there is plenty.  Spiders webs sagged with fresh droplets. 
I squirted aphids off the pink growing tips of my roses...

Tender new rose leaves

...And attempted to do the same with the irises less successfully.

Fat iris buds

I misted the strawberries.  They are bravely showing fresh growth and a few flowers after being rudely pulled out of my sister's garden and buried in mine.  Scattered amongst them a good crop of nettles is coming through.  I'm pleased as I like to have them for the Admiral butterflies.  Gloved hands when at close proximity mean they are not a hazard.

Peonies planted out last year are showing fat buds amidst lush greenery.

My peony

My indefatigable Shasta daisies are growing fit to bust and are already nearly two feet tall (see above).  I've promised myself I'll keep picking back the growing tips this year to keep them at a manageable height as last year they grew over my head creating a ridiculous amount of work as I tried in vain to stake them upright.

Freesias remind me of Zoe...

I harvest the happiness of the day with care.   Spring is not a season I welcome, a reminder of past losses and griefs which still lie bruised beneath the surface.   I acknowledge these and bless the day for what it is: beautiful.

I look out the window as I type.  I catch sight of an Admiral butterfly fluttering over the nettles. 
Magic happens!

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