Sunday, 27 March 2011

Freeze those onions? Yes you can!

What to do with more than half a bucket of chopped onion?  I asked myself this question after a major barbecue left us with a surplus.  Reliable sources informed me that it could be frozen, which I didn't really believe, but since I couldn't think of an alternative I decided to have a go.  And Hey Presto! it worked absolutely perfectly.  Here is how I tackled it: 

Many recipes suggest two onions for an average sized meal for four people, so for the sake of simplicity I decided to freeze the onion in portions to match this amount.  That works out to about two standard cups which weigh close on 250 grams. 

I avoid cling-wrap plastic when I can, so used waxed paper to wrap each portion, then placed them into small resealable (and reusable) plastic snap-lock bags, excluding as much air as possible.  I then packed the bags into ice cream containers which fit comfortably into the freezer.  This careful wrapping means that the smell is well contained and I can easily get out an exact amount.  

Although all the extra chopping and wrapping was a lot of work I now have masses of diced onion ready at a moments notice. 

For the purpose of cooking, freezing causes no discernible loss of colour, texture or flavour.  There is a little water from the iciness as it melts which makes it spit as it hits hot oil, but that's the only difference between frozen and fresh onion that I have noticed.  I've been surprised at how much easier this has made my cooking, so for surplus onion I recommend it.

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