Friday, 1 April 2011

Wind, rain and roses ~

Late yesterday afternoon a great gust of wind suddenly sprang up from nowhere.  I looked out the window and saw that our mild nor'west day was about to become a dark, rather stormy, sou'wester: inky dark clouds were looming in the south and the garden tossed in the now cold wind.  Rather than leave my roses to be diminished by the weather I went outside to cut the best blooms.  They fill my kitchen with their glow and fragrance:

Matawhero Magic

Usually I prefer to leave them on the garden, but it is nice to have some inside from time to time.  While roses require more care than many other plants, having a few adds special charm, and I must say, elegance.  

Here are a couple of buds hastily plucked from my other rose:

Tequila Sunrise
I adore this rose, which gets carted from place to place when I move.  A few years ago I successfully propagated it, much to my surprise.  It has a particularly glorious scent.  

The perfume of roses often seems to me to be like the fruit of similar colours: lemon roses tend to smell lemony, dark red roses like red wine, and orange and apricot roses like those fruits of the same name - lovely!  From this you may correctly guess that Tequila Sunrise has an especially fragrant tang.  Perhaps this is where the wine expert derive their term 'bouquet' when referring to the aroma of wine. 

Today the storminess of the southerly has passed over and we have a crisp autumn day.  Island weather is changeable, and in New Zealand especially so.

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