Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Not many cities" ~ Scribe sings for Christchurch

This song by musician Scribe, adapted to show support for his home town, Christchurch, reflects the sombre mood of the city at this time and show views of the city at present closed to the general public:

The video was put out by the BNZ who wanted to show support and encouragement to residents.  Proceeds from the sale of the recording goes to Christchurch Plunket.

A cousin of Scribe's was killed in the 22nd February earthquake so the tragedy of that disaster struck very close to home.

Later note: the change of mood in the city alters with time.  The later song "Christchurch City (my home town)" by James Beck, uploaded to YouTube in January of 2012, show different locales and has an entirely different mood.  To find my posting of it click on the link below:
A complete list of my earthquake articles can be found on the following page:

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