Monday, 31 October 2011

Springtime ~ life and death in the balance

Everywhere spring has brought a celebration of blossom, flowers, burgeoning growth and an almost palpable hum of new life bursting forth.

Clematis flanked by ceanothus

Yet death hovers in the shadows even at this time of year: in a single day the cat caught and killed a young rabbit, a bumble bee lay on the lawn its brief life over, and an elderly neighbour lay in Intensive Care in a coma, hesitating at the gateway between the worlds. 

In that one short day I buried the still, small, unmarked body of the young rabbit, gently placing it into a shroud of freshly pulled grass in a sandy grave; dropped the deceased, yet still perfectly formed, bumble bee into the long grasses of the field where it will not be trodden on...

...and our neighbour awoke from his unprecedented fortnight of sleep, rather confused but full of life.  It was quite a day. 

Pandorea pandorana - Wonga Wonga vine

Spring marches on undeterred: at the last count early this afternoon, sixty nine potatoes were vigorously putting on height in the vege patch, and thirty one stems of iris buds had elegantly emerged from within their leafy fans. 

Miniature iris

Everywhere I look the gardens are full of glory:



Pandorea pandorana 'Ruby Bells' - Wonga Wonga vine

And here's one lady who will not take back answers, unless she agrees with you in advance, so mind your manners everyone! 

Chook in charge!

Spring will not be denied...

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