Monday, 7 November 2011

Post-earthquake progress in the Christchurch cental business district ~

Warwick Isaacs, who is in charge of demolitions in Central Christchurch, takes viewers for a quick look around still-closed areas of the Central Business District.  The purpose of this is to give those viewers not able to take the bus tours a chance to see beyond the barricades. 

While I appreciate being able to see it I wanted a better look at things: although I know this area well I found myself frequently scrambling to figure out which street we were looking at and which direction the vehicle was travelling in.  It's a sobering look and we see that once these operations are complete little will be left of what once seemed so permanent.
On a more cheerful note, part of Cashel Mall is now open to shoppers after a mind-blowing makeover: from rubble to sparkle!  
  • Christchurch earthquake: ravaged retail centre reborn, which was published in the Press on 30th October 2011.  Lois Cairns reports that "Christchurch's new [shipping] container mall enthralled shoppers yesterday".  Watch the video which gives a little look around.  It's fun and has a nice sound track of the buskers playing there.
I provide the link here to a heart-rending as well as heart-warming story about Nathan Pilkington and his daughter, Nevada, re-visiting the mall from which they had narrowly escaped at the height of earthquake chaos.
Things are definitely looking up!
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