Friday, 13 January 2012

Earthquake song ~ "Christchurch City (My home town)"

This catchy song is by James Beck with the exuberant performances by himself and Christian Gallen.  

Music can be an important way of expressing social commentary and recording events, which is what we have here: anyone who knows Christchurch and has been there in the last couple of years will easily identify most if not all of the locales in which they perform.  The cityscape of these times is one of transition, and in years to come we will look back on these images, and say, "Oh yes, I remember that - now it's so different!" 

For this reason I've placed it in my own series of articles at the point at which it was uploaded - the 13th of January this year.

Perhaps no aspect of the city is more emblematic of the city in transition than the ingenious Gap filler projects, more than one of which is featured in the video, including the Book Exchange shown in the image below.  This one particularly took my fancy - eat your heart out, Christchurch City Libraries!  I have some other photographs of gap fillers which I'll post in another article when I get around to it! 

Scribe's song "Not many cities", uploaded in September of 2011 shows a darker mood, reflective of that time.  You can find my posting of it by clicking on the link below:
A complete list of my earthquake articles can be found on the following page:

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