Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I think I just saw a whale!

A somewhat Zen view of the scene - the whale has gone!
It's gone now, but I'm fairly sure it was a whale: a very large living thing languidly making its north parallel to the beach we overlook.  It was too far away for me to be quite certain, but what I could see of it seemed to add up: a periodic mist of spray from the front end of it; from time to time the repeated flaunting a very large dorsal fin, and a number of times it raised something very large indeed out of the water, which I took to be its head.  I was wildly excited!

I'm always on the lookout for anything unusual in the sea and just a matter of minutes previously had been watching a large school of very large fish moving in a southerly direction, cresting high in the water and splashing a great deal.  Maybe the whale had driven them to the surface.

The other evening I hastily broke off a phone call to fetch the binoculars to identify what looked as if it could have been a person in a wetsuit raising their hand for help - which turned out to be a black swan!

But this large thing, presumably a whale, was far more exciting than anything I'd previously seen, and I was surprised by my physical reaction: was rather like unexpectedly meeting a dear friend after a long time - my heart started to race!  Amazing!  About ten minutes later I was disappointed when it disappeared from view, hidden by a stand of trees...  The ocean is full of mysteries.

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