Monday, 13 February 2012

Manta rays ~ beautiful sea giants and their conservation issues

No sooner had I dashed off the previous article about having seen a whale from our living room window, than I heard of these remarkable stories about giant manta rays seen in the waters off the north of the North Island.  I had never even heard of manta rays and had to look them up to find out how to spell the term! 
In searching for further information I came across this astonishingly beautiful video clip of Dr Andrea Marshall swimming with a giant manta ray.  She also talks about her research and the discovery of a second species.  I found it fascinating!

On the page linked to below, Dr Marshall's work is described in more detail:
In the TV3 news item linked to below, New Zealand's Conservation minister, Kate Wilkinson, announces that the upgrading of manta rays status to 'absolutely protected':

You can find my other articles about exploring the beach and its rock pools via the link below: 

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