Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mosgiel Memorial Gardens ~ an unexpected treat

I wonder how many locals know of the beautiful gardens behind the Mosgiel library.  Early on this summers day I had an hour or so to wait around.  Since the shops and library were not yet open I sat down in the children's playground to read or write some notes; then, finding that a little dull, I wandered off to explore the grounds behind the library.  What a find!  

This pleasant but fairly unremarkable view through the nearby entranceway gave no clue to the pleasant meandering walks and pretty gardens as yet hidden from view:

I do like curving paths!

This is a pleasant meeting of green and paved space, handsome mature trees and lush under-planting:

Here is the attractive and rather more formal entranceway to the rose garden:

The rose garden was past its best but there were still plenty in flower, including this glorious golden rose:

This is the view back across the rose garden looking towards the entranceway shown above.

On the other side of the rose garden there are charming flower borders - lots of familiar flowers most of which I either don't know or can't recall.  I'll add these in for those pictured below if and when I come across them:

I feel I should know the name of this but don't...

This shrub is lavatera:

I'm not familiar with this flower - isn't it pretty!

I think the tawny coloured flowers are either gailardia's or helenium's, and the mauve flowers, sage.

So you can see that identifying labels would have been a help, especially if I had been inspired to jot them down in order to buy some of my own from the nursery.  If I overlooked any such labels I offer my apologies to the gardening staff!

It was a lovely and most refreshing walk.  I was glad to be alone as I enjoyed the quiet and could admire the park vistas as well as the individual plants and flowers without distraction.  

These gardens are well maintained and very nicely landscaped, and would provide anyone wanting ideas about their own landscaping with plenty to take in: hats off to the Dunedin City Council Parks and Reserves Department.  

Publicity could be better though - I couldn't find anything about these gardens on the Council website which refers only to the adjoining playground and sports field.

Later note ~ 1st Sept 2015:
Since the time of writing I have been back to these gardens numbers of times.  It has become a favourite place to spend quiet time on the way to the airport: a sandwich or two, a cuppa from a Thermos flask, or fish and chips and a bottle of wine - just the thing!

I am pleased to find that the Dunedin City Council website has added mention of these beautiful gardens to their website - with a link to this article!  I offer thanks to whoever was responsible for this as ratepayers and visitors alike deserve to know about this special place.

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