Thursday, 17 May 2012

Untangle and wash Dolly's hair ~

A doll with tangled hair is a sad doll.  Her clothes are never going to look good and not even her brave painted smile is going to save her from increasing neglect.  With dolls much of their appeal is in their hair so it's important that it looks good.  

I've discovered that making it pretty again isn't difficult, just takes a little time.  What do I use?  Just what I use on my own hair - although not in quite the same way: warm water, shampoo, conditioner, an anti-frizz hair product and a fairly blunt-tipped comb!  In the photos below you can see the transformation:

I bought this doll for a few dollars at a local charity shop and yes, it's Barbie.  She has a sweet face but her hair was matted and dirty.  A hand basin filled with warm water was a good start and I gave her a good over-all clean.  

Once her hair was thoroughly wet I lathered it with loads of conditioner.  This made her hair nice and slippery which made it possible to loosen the tangled mass into parts.  In the photo below you can see I've already done a good deal of it but still a lot more to do.  I did use the comb but as little and as carefully as possible:

When I had finally got it properly untangled I shampooed it thoroughly and then massaged in the anti-frizz cream.  How different it looks!

After that I wrapped her in a hand towel and put her to bed in the hot water cupboard where her hair could get thoroughly dry.  That was yesterday.  This afternoon I gently combed her dry hair into curls and snipped off a few frayed hair ends.  In total the hair that came out or was snipped off would have sat comfortably in a dessert spoon, a very small amount.

Isn't she pretty!  All ready to be dressed up and enjoyed!

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