Friday, 3 August 2012

Watching the sea ~ sunshine and shadows soothe my soul

The best thing about my present home is its proximity to the ocean.  The view has been a constant reminder of its vitality and splendour and it's ever-changing colours and moods rest and delight me like nothing else.  Today it has been especially beautiful: the weather has been changeable with wind and rain in patches and the sea has caught the light and shadows with moody drama that would please the most exacting artist.  This morning the distant sea was indigo-blue beneath ragged clouds which chased each other across the sky; closer to shore the ruffled water was lighter shades of blue and green and the white spray of the rollers was tossed and teased by the westerly wind.  This evening the last of the sunlight caught the waves making them brighter than white while the rain drifting out at sea resembled a fine peach-coloured mist; the water, rendered choppy by a stiff breeze, took on the texture of crushed silk and velvet coloured every shade of steely blue and dull teal.  It's been a stressful day.  As I watched the sea the day's annoyances and troubles melted away. 

Photographs help me remember some of these special times and I enjoy looking back over them, so decided to share some here for readers who may also enjoy them.  Click on the images if you wish to see them larger.  They were all taken towards the end of the day, on different days and show the sea in some of its moods: 

I stood a long time watching these waves catch the sunlight late one afternoon:

Here the sea is in a similar mood but seen from higher up:

This is the same view on a more tranquil evening:

These waves catch the last of the sun:

When I took the photograph below the sun had set.  It was the end of the day I now refer to as Big Surge Day, which had begun so dramatically!  I have written about it in my article "Water safety ~ check those swells and surges".  How serene it looks here ...

... but those surges were still slamming the water up the beach a great deal further than usual:

When I took this photograph of the sky I was standing on the beach looking the other way for a change - towards the land.  The sun had just set:

And here we have a golden moon rising into the deep peace of an indigo sky.  What a lovely way to end the day!

The beauty and vitality of the land and seascape soothes and nourishes me and I can relax.  

A great deal of my motivation for caring for the environment and living carefully on less arises from recognition of just how much the Earth nourishes and sustains me in an entirely direct manner.  And it's my only home, as well as being everyone else's.  What an astonishing place it is!

You can find my other articles about exploring the beach and its rock pools via the link below: 

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