Friday, 21 September 2012

Asian Groceries, Dunedin ~ the best place to buy tofu

The rather cluttered frontage of this shop conceals a fascinating interior.  I love going into it as it is jam-packed full of all manner of foods that I have no idea of, which have their own mysterious aroma. And along with these more rarefied goods there are others that I do know and use, such as dried beans, dahl, chic peas, spices and more.  In some ways it's like the shop that time forgot.  I find it rather a relief that some of these shops still exist in spite of glaring, musak-filled supermarkets.  I most particularly go there for tofu.  

Tofu is made from soy beans which are transformed into soft, white, rather bland-tasting blocks of curd.  It is made in varying consistencies, from the decidedly rubbery to blocks that are so soft that the curd collapses into a mush when stirred in with anything else.  It's very high in protein, low in calories and contains very little (if any?) fat.  This is all good, but due to my previous experience of consistencies I didn't much like I hadn't been accustomed to using it much until recently.  What changed?  I found this shop, which stocks delicious tofu, which is just the right consistency and a delicious addition to any stir-fry. 

I like to chat to shopkeepers, sales assistants and other service providers, so last time I was in there I got into a chat with the shopkeeper there, which was all very pleasant.  I mentioned how much I like their tofu, and guess what - they make their own!  For me this is another reason to buy it there: I support local producers wherever I can!

If you don't already know this shop it is well worth a visit.  It's in St Kilda's, in South Dunedin, at:
  • 74 Prince Albert Street 
As you drive towards St Kilda's beach it's on your right, quite some distance after you have passed by the other shops.  Once you get there you'll find it easy to park close by. 

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