Friday, 14 September 2012

Folded paper / origami boxes, bins and packets ~

As part of my campaign to rid the household of plastic bags I've been experimenting with folding paper.

I haven't got all that far yet, and need to give the subject more time and thought.  In the meantime I share the links here to the instructions I've been following.  They are nice and clear and easy to follow.  Once you get the hang of this sort of thing it becomes as easy as folding babies nappies / diapers.  Needless to say, I'm not at that stage yet!

It took me a long time to find these particular tutorials.  If you have your own favourites I'd be pleased to hear of them.

Here are three designs I've been working on: 

My own modest effort:


This small one was useful for my clipped sewing threads when I was working at my sewing machine:

(3) In the course of my searching I came across a simple version of a folded paper packet or bag.  It was a method I'd come across years ago, but couldn't remember the knack of it.  It's on a rather special blog site called:
I liked this site so much that I've added it to the right hand sidebar of this Chronicle under the heading 'Sites of special interest'.

Here are the writer's instructions:
(4) Refer to my later article 

The site has lots of interesting designs. 
The link below is to the category for:


maytey said...

I went to a Thai water festival celebration once, and I was so impressed at the little paper cups that were given out for drinking out of. They were a simple little triangular pocket. Makes you sick when you think about all the plastic ones out there...

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Hello May, thanks for sharing this - that's something I wouldn't have thought of! It's really helpful to come across ideas that we wouldn't have thought of / experienced ourselves. Maybe I should look for a decent book on the subject.

What I am interested in, and haven't yet found, is a simple set of instructions for how folded paper can be put to good use around the home.

I expect to add more to this article over time.