Friday, 21 September 2012

Pink Boston Bun ~ a shopping day treat

Shopping is hard work and it's nice to have a tasty treat as a reward, and although we do most of our own baking it's nice to have a break and enjoy someone else's now and then.  Pink Boston Bun is a household favourite.  All such buns are not equal, and in fact some of them are downright disappointing, which is why we always call into Dunedin's Garden New World supermarket when we are at that end of town - theirs is baked on the premises and is exceptionally good!

You can see from the price tag that it's a modestly sized treat: $2.99 is an okay price to pay for a bun large enough for four to sit down to with a cuppa.  It makes a nice equivalent to a treat at a cafe, which we can't afford.  I prefer to eat at home anyway - it's more restful.

In the photo above you can see that there are sultanas in the soft, rather doughy bun, but the chief delight is the rather buttery pink icing which includes a generous amount of shredded coconut.  Yum!!!


Anonymous said...

I learned to make something like this myself, using a recipe with mashed potato in the dough which gave it a moist texture, and a spot of vanilla in the pale-pink tinted butter-icing for an aroma that accentuated the coconut. Sliced and buttered, it was delicious :)

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Hi Valerie, your bun sounds yummy! I have heard about the use of mashed potato, but never exerted myself to actually try making such a bun myself. Do you have a recipe you'd care to share? My baking seldom gets beyond making the household bread, but maybe I should give this a go!