Friday, 21 September 2012

'Shop on Taieri' ~ Mosgiel's first rate charity shop

'Shop on Taieri' is on Gordons Road, the main road of Mosgiel, Dunedin, right at the heart of the shopping centre.  It is run by Presbyterian Support, Otago, an organisation dedicated to helping in communities.  I rate it as easily the best charity shop in the Dunedin area.  

Charity shops stock second hand items which have been donated by people who no longer want them.  They are mostly staffed by volunteers and the money raised from sales goes to support charitable work.  Part of that charitable work starts with the availability of good, second-hand items being made available cheaply to people who can't afford to buy things new, as well as to anyone else who has an eye for a bargain.  In this way everyone involved is doing everyone else a good turn, which is something to take pleasure in as well as be proud of.  

Charity shops are further distinguished by their significant role as recyclers, so top marks to them for assisting the rest of us on the sustainability front. 

The window displays of 'Shop on Taieri' are as good as you are likely to find anywhere and are regularly changed to show eye-catching and fashionable clothes all of which keeps the shop looking fresh. 

I've got some great things there.  The favourite scarf you can see with this jacket is from there:

This photo originally featured in my earlier article:
I also purchased this special vase there:

The roses are called 'Grace'

I purchased the small golden jar next to it for $2 at a junk shop around the corner...  

Another charity shop, also on Gordon Road, deserves a worthy mention: the Mosgiel Salvation Army shopItems I've bought there can be found in every room of our home, from lampshades to kitchenware, furniture and clothing and appliances!

This sort of shopping is like a form of sport which can be fun and is full of surprises.  You never know what you will find, and because stock is sourced from donated items it changes all the time.  It's amazing what you can get if you know what you want, keep your eyes open and your wits about you!

So, if you have things in reasonable condition that you no longer want consider giving them to a charity shop; and if you need low priced clothes and household goods consider shopping at them.  I do both.   
Thanks everybody!

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