Monday, 24 September 2012

Springtime in Christchurch & some treats in store ~

I'm in Christchurch at present - lots to wrote about which will have to wait until I'm back to base.  I mention this briefly so you can look forward to reading more later:

Yesterday I went to the Opawa Farmers Market, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and called in to the NEW New World supermarket in St Martins - a welcome re-addition to the ranks of Christchurch's supermarkets.  I also want to write about the Flo Cafe, which I've had the pleasure of visting on an earlier occasion.

Christchurch is beautiful in the spring, with loads of dafffies, blossom, ducklings and other spring delights....

Alongside all of this reminders of earthquake damage and recovery are all around: road cones, scaffolding, demolition signs and heaps of rubble - yes, still - there is so much work still to do, which will take many years.

Driving into the city when I first arrived the rocky peak and outcrops of Castle Hill look somehow different than I remembered them even from my last vist of a few months ago, and as I drove further east around the foot of the hills past the bottom of Mt Pleasant, through Redcliffs and on to Sumner I found that the roads were just as bumpy, patched and uncomfortably uneven as they had been previously - only the forests of road cones which denote major repairs to the sewer lines and other subterranean services had moved.  The cliff faces all looked subtly different, perhaps a result of recent heavy rain which had very likely washed away loose soil.

Anyway, lots of interesting photos and information to share in week or so.  In the meantime, I'm off out into the sunshine and pleasant springtime breezes...

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