Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Veggie Boys ~ for fruit and vegetables

Veggie Boys is a recent addition to my shopping circuit.  It's handy to get to as it lies between Dunedin's two main thoroughfares, Cumberland Street and Crawford Street.  

The street address is 105 Cumberland Street.  If you live in Dunedin and don't know where it is you probably know Briscoes or Spotlight, which are close by.  It has a carpark, fairly small, but enables the driver to turn in from three streets.

It stocks a good range of fruit and vegetables, also some vegie seedlings, eggs - including free range, milk, chilled drinks and a few other things.

Shops that sell largely fruit and vegetables are such a rarity these days that the term used to described them seems to have almost disappeared from usage.  They are called green grocers!

I have been pleased to find that the origin of some of the produce was identified.  I got a handsome bag of Nadine potatoes from a Southland grower for a very reasonable price.  I much prefer to get relatively local produce which is identified as such rather than that which is identified only by brand or type, which is a common presentation in supermarkets.  I get particularly annoyed by potatoes often being identified only as 'suitable for boiling', etc.!  I want to know where things are from and exactly what sort they are, so points to Veggie Boys for being more specific. 

I was more than happy to pick a bag of apples from a big bin of apples grown in Otago, which were clearly seconds, but this doesn't bother me at all.  They were priced at 99 cents a kilo and crisp and delicious.  I want to support local growers, especially orchardists, who, from what I have heard, have very lean profit margins these days.  There is so much wastage of good food, all so that we can be presented with perfect specimens.  From what I grow in my own garden I'm well aware that not all of it is perfectly formed; it's freshness is far more important to me.

Each time I've been there the staff have been friendly and helpful.

I like the sign pictured below. I was told it was painted by designer Tracy Smallman, a relative of the owner - which is great.  I like that the wider family are involved in this business.

Here it is as seen from the car park.  This shop is definitely larger on the inside than it looks from here.

I see from their Facebook page, that they have at least one other shop, over the hill in Mosgiel on Bush Road. 

Spotlight is just across the road, and Briscoes can be seen at its right:

Spotlight is also on my shopping circuit, which I will write about separately.

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