Sunday, 21 October 2012

East or west ~ home cooked and baked is best!

I like to try other people's food which can be a special treat, but when I come home I find that my own food looks extra good and I want it!  

I have a particular fondness for my own jam which, I can say without the least exaggeration, is the best I have come across.  I'm not yet that great at baking bread*, but Rewi is, and I always prefer ours to shop bought stuff, even the fancy expensive sort.  This makes simple food good at any time of the day - or night for that matter.  I paused to take this photo when part way through a nourishing morsel:

A vital part of delicious jam is the quality of the fruit itself.  The apricots I used to make this jam were grown locally here in Otago in ideal conditions.  The fruit, which I bought direct from the growers at the Otago Farmers Market, had been well tree-ripened and had a very good flavour. 

In the process of making jam and preserves adding the right amount of sugar will bring out and enhance the delicate flavour.  I lean towards less rather than more.  You can find the ratios and methods I use via the link below:
* Later Note, 25th October 2012: I completely revise my statement about not yet being that great at baking bread, as today I baked a simply splendid batch!  Kneading the each chunk of dough destined to become a loaf (I made four) helped a lot, as did Rewi checking my progress as I got them ready to put them into the loaf tins.  Wunderbar!

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