Friday, 12 October 2012

'Just Desserts' ~ sophisticated baking and cafe fare with flair

When I was in Christchurch a friend generously treated me to afternoon tea, or, as I should more accurately say, afternoon coffee!  We had to drive across town from St Albans to Sydenham, which took us along the length of Durham Street.  For once I was glad I wasn't driving: I found it shockingly empty in comparison even to my last visit of a couple of months ago - so many buildings have simply disappeared leaving no trace whatsoever.  Even intersections, many of which are now without their usual landmark buildings, were somewhat hard to identify.  

By the time we reached Just Desserts I was more than ready to be revived by something special. 

My high expectations were exceeded!  I seldom drink coffee, and when I do I'm fairly critical.  This one, as pictured, was the quite simply the best coffee I can remember - excellent flavour and properly hot!  

I had dithered between two scrumptious looking 'cakes' and seeing this, my friend bought me both - and the same for himself.  That really was taking it over the top!  Look how beautiful they were:

This one is a passion-fruit mousse.  I started with this and it was my favourite...

This one is a friand, I'm not sure what sort exactly, and was also very good to eat!  

Both were topped with milk chocolate curls, accompanied by dark chocolate decorations, and were delectable.

'Just Desserts' also provides a range of savoury food which is said to be of a high standard, but I didn't sample any of it myself; maybe next time... They also do breakfasts and specialise in wedding cakes and so on.

From the outside the cafe looks very ordinary...

...but inside the décor is contemporary and harmonious:

Just Desserts is a small haven in a city that at present has all too few of these places.  We had a very pleasant outing.  I highly recommend it.

Their street address is:
  • 33 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, Christchurch. 
You can find other articles about shops and businesses I like on the link provided below:

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