Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Sweetheart Bakery ~ for some of the best food in Christchurch

I encountered the baking of The Sweetheart Bakery when I visited the Opawa / St Martins Farmers Market.   My eye was first caught by a delightful series of iced 'animal' biscuits:

After circling the market we came back to the stand and bought our lunch: one pie included winter vegetables, as indicated by the WV on the top, along with flavoursome blue cheese...

The other pastry was filled with pumpkin, spinach and feta cheese.  Both were absolutely scrumptious!

The standard of the savoury pastries was especially welcome to us as vegetarians.  Although I am told that they also stock meat pastries they do offer these high quality vegetarian choices - hooray!

For special dessert treats we chose the chocolate cupcakes and the little coconut cake you can see below:

Those chocolate cupcakes were an absolute winner: the cakes themselves had a good strong chocolate flavour and were not too sweet; the pink icing was a good contrast to this and the tangy red jam or conserve which it encircled.  The decorative roses and leaves were also tasty.  

This fruit, walnut and ginger loaf was also delicious:

When we returned to the market the following week we went straight to this stall, and bought our lunch then and there to be sure of getting the best choice!  There were just enough chocolate cupcakes to take home for the family, leaving the seller with only one - which I noticed later he had put in with the others free of charge!

Counting my pennies carefully I decided I could stretch to buying an animal biscuit for one of my sisters who hadn't been able to come out with us.  I dithered over choosing between a grinning octopus and a prancing horse, and because my sister is especially fond of horses the horse won.  I'm sorry not to be able to report what it tasted like, as at the time my sister admired the little steed too much to eat it - so I will have to wait for my next visit to Christchurch to find out for myself!

Later Note: I have since been told that the horsey biscuit tasted "perfect, just like a real animal biscuit!"

Special mention must be made of the man who served us - a paragon of customer service excellence!  He helped us make our purchasing easy by putting our food aside while we looked elsewhere; when we returned he was most particular in describing the foods freshness and told us how to ensure that the food maintained this until we ate it later in the day.  He could teach most customer service people a great deal!  Such people are the cornerstone of successful businesses, so hats off to him.

Hats off also to Sarah English, whose business it is.  We will be back!
Next time I'm in Christchurch I look forward to visiting The Sweetheart Bakery itself, which is at:
  •  10 - 310 Wilsons Road, Christchurch.

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