Sunday, 2 December 2012

Paper bags ~ fasten with simple folds

Here is a photographic demonstration of how to close paper bags with a few simple folds.  This technique has lots of uses, but I use it most often when in the supermarket at the self-serve stand of nuts, seeds, dried beans and suchlike.  I avoid the plastic snap-lock bags provided and instead use the paper bags which are for bagging up mushrooms.  The name and code of the item can be written on the side in the usual way.  This bag contains pumpkin seeds, safely secured by those few simple folds:

Here is the bag at the start.  It's helpful that it's fairly long, as it gives more than enough room for the necessary folds to be completed:

Make that first diagonal fold right across the width:

Now bring the top corner of that diagonal edge towards you and crease it so that its top portion is (more or less) parallel with the left hand side of the bag:

The top point then tucks under the open edge of the first fold:

The point of this one is quite long, so it needs to be folded under twice to make it secure:

And there you are:

You can also use that little tucked edge to carry it with by hooking your fingertips underneath it, which is a useful way of carrying larger paper bags with other contents.

So far I have not met any resistance to my usage of mushroom bags from check-out operators.  As I pass them over I explain that I'm using them to avoid plastics, which is the same as what I'm doing in presenting my selection of fruit and vegetables in home made bags...

... and providing my own packing crates:

By using these simple approaches I'm happy to be doing my bit to reduce consumer demand for plastics and the inevitable impact on our environment.  When enough of us do this we will give this trend a much needed boost!

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