Saturday, 26 January 2013

Colourful capsicums ~ freeze that surplus

Capsicums are also called 'bell peppers'; those I refer to here exclude the spicy 'chili' peppers.   

It's high summer here and capsicums are plentiful and cheap.  We are enjoying eating them more than usual, and I am also looking at putting some aside in the freezer for use during the winter months.   

Capsicums can be frozen whole just as they are, but are easier to handle and take up less space in the freezer if chopped up and stored in convenient sizes and quantities.  Just as I have done with surplus onions these chopped portions will be folded into lunch wrap packets, placed into airtight bags and put into the freezer.

My article about freezing chopped raw onion can be found via the link below:
When you want to cook these frozen vegies there is no need to defrost them, just empty your packet(s) into the waiting hot pan - quick, easy and delicious and you've paid for them already! 

I especially like capsicum cooked up with sautéed mushrooms, which I think brings out the best in both vegetables.  Yellow capsicums are the very best in that combination although the other coloured ones are also tasty.  I have a favourite recipe for mushroom and cheese pie which includes capsicum which I will share sometime soon.  

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