Thursday, 31 January 2013

'Penguins share this beach' ~ Yes, they DO!

If the sign says penguins are resident you had better believe it!  They are shy creatures and you may never see them but they are there - the Department of Conservation does not go around embedding these hefty signs for the sake of wishful thinking.

It is a great pity that most dog owners take absolutely no notice of these signs.  A lot of dogs are walked in the area and few of them are on a leash.  One can't call it canine illiteracy because it's not the dogs who are ignoring them. 

Another sign at a nearby beach, this one from The Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust, pleads the same point.  It reads:
Please do NOT approach or touch moulting penguins
Keep control of your dog
Dogs attack penguins and one bite from a dog will kill.  Penguins have no defence so please keep control of your dog.  If you see a penguin keep well away. 
Moulting is normal for penguins any time from February and April.  Moulting birds stay on shore during this time. 
We have lived next to these beaches for a year and a half and yesterday I saw one for the first time, but I had to know that it was there and look very carefully.  Here it is... Can you see it?

Not wishing to disturb it I switched off my camera's flash and kept a discreet distance.  But I too, was being watched:

Safe housekeeping, little penguin! 

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