Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The thrifty medicine chest and bathroom cupboard ~ tips and recipes for cheap, wholesome products ~

Over the years I've gradually discovered a number of good ways of stocking my medicine chest and bathroom cupboard which are thrifty as well as effective.  I look forward to sharing these in a series of articles as such items can be costly, and it is an important part of the household to keep properly stocked. Suggestions shared may make some things easier.

I have already published one such article - about moisturiser, lip balm, hand and body lotion.  You can find it here:
I continue to make my own and still find them better than anything of anyone elses!  

My next article includes a recipe for a hair styling product.  Shopping for hair care products can be daunting, given the extraordinary range available, the number of brands and inexplicable variations in cost.  However, I am beginning to be able to put this behind me now that I have this excellent recipe, and am delighted to have been given permission to publish it in this chronicle!

I will add articles in this collection to my index page relating to housekeeping and shopping, which you can find here:
Scroll down that page for the heading: 
Health issues, the household medicine chest and personal care.

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