Monday, 6 January 2014

A new diary for the New Year ~ keeping track of a busy household

The line "I once was lost but now am found" entirely fits my use of a generously sized household diary!  Without it I would be lost, but with it I can find anything I have bothered to jot down within a given year.  A big A4 one with a page for each day fits my needs perfectly.

In it I write anything and everything: shopping lists, grocery specials - on Tuesdays, household expenses, bills due and paid - on Sundays, appointments, birthdays, the ingredients of anything I am cooking which is at all unusual, the amount of fruit to hand for jam and preserves and the ratios used, menus, social events, travel plans, book titles, quotes, transcripts I've laboriously transcribed from recordings on the video recorder, diagrams of how to hook up the various television accessories!, conversations I have had with customer service representatives - and their names...  You name it, it's there - when I remember to write things down, that is, which is fairly often. 

Before I discovered the use of this marvellous invention I wrote things on pieces of paper, with the praisworthy notion that all those that were worth keeping would then be filed away where I could later find them.  The difficulty with this was that I might or might not do so in a timely manner, or they simply got lost, or I threw away something I later wished I had kept.  The whole system too easily broke down resulting in frantic searches which were often a complete waste of time as well as energy!  Discovering the use of a diary has changed all that as I know that whatever it is I am looking for is in there somewhere, even if I have to leaf back some considerable way - it's amazing how the weeks fly by!  Sometimes I copy things out to file away elsewhere but usually I don't bother as there is no need to.

Diaries from previous years sit alongside each other on my bookshelf, and from time to time I get one or other of them down, usually to see how much fruit I had for preserving the previous year, what I did with it, and what date it was. 

Already 2014 is taking shape as appointments, plans and lists are being noted in the new diary.  Having transferred the last of those details needed from the old one I have glanced through my jottings from 2013 with a degree of affection.  A few things stand out: there is a week-long set of menus I devised for the visit of a dear friend which proved excellent; a few improvised recipies that I have regularly thumbed my way back to; and some transcripts from television that I want to be able to refer to at some future date.  At some stage I'll copy them out and file them elsewhere but I needn't do that now.  I know where to find them when I need to, and in the meantime that diary can be put away on the shelf next to those of previous years, complete in itself, another year folded away with the others.  Roll on 2014, I am ready!

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