Sunday, 6 December 2015

Mosgiel Shoe and Leather Repairs ~ my personal recommendation ~

'Mosgiel Shoe and Leather Repairs' is firmly on my list of important service providers, and I highly recommend it.  I have an orthotic raise on one of my shoes, which has been a source of difficulty and frustration over the years, restricting my choice of footwear and the raise often seeming disappointingly obvious.  Not any more - I wish I had known about this place years ago!  The work I've had done there is the best I've come across, and the charge relatively modest.

Other people I know are cottoning on and presenting their own shoes for more ordinary repairs.  Thoughtful advice has been given and repairs made with unusual finesse.  

With good footwear the problem is often that the soles, or part of the soles, wear out before the uppers, so what can be done?  A friend of mine had this problem with a much loved pair of shoes which looked likely to have to go in the rubbish.  I suggested she take them in and at least ask for an opinion.  The result is that they have been beautifully re-soled and look set to last for years yet. 

I think that ideally, the way to get the most out of quality shoes is to get protective treads put on at the outset, so that when these get worn they can be replaced at a modest cost without affecting the structure of the original sole.  

It's disappointing that over the last few decades the standard of footwear for sale in this country has declined and that shoes are not made here any more.  If it can be managed the investment of buying good quality footwear can be prove worthwhile over time, made possible by the expert maintenance provided by outlets like this one. 

'Mosgiel Shoe and Leather Repairs' is situated on Gordon Road near the intersection of Bush and Factory Roads.  It's down an alleyway and occupies what used to be a bakery.  The entrance to this is almost opposite 'Shop on Taieri', another place I've recommended:

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Anonymous said...

I remember my father re-soling our shoes in the 1950s; he had a cobbler's last and used leather cut from a sheet, and little tacks to attach it. Heel- and toe-plates: goodness, what a talented man he was. Excellent for you to find a craftsman in your area these days. - Valerie.

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Yes indeed Valerie, 'craftsman' is the right word.

Interesting about your dad doing the maintenance of your shoes - what a skill to have!

Things were so different when I was a girl: shoes had to last for years. I was expected to *polish* my shoes, *every day*! And I remember Dad getting scew-on soles for his work boots. I remember him showing me how to select good shoes that would last, and to spot flaws in leather and so on.

I would so much like to see a return to these sorts of values, to conserve resources and extend the life of our belongings. These earlier practices, derived from necessity, put our modern day efforts entirely in the shade.