Saturday, 12 March 2016

While the weeds grow ... flowers continue to bloom ~

Rushleigh has been silent recently, while I've had way too much going on.  However, although silent it has continued to be in my thoughts.  I look forward to sharing some of these thoughts when a slower pace allows.

These glorious day lilies have finished flowering now, but were lovely while they lasted - true to their name, each bloom lasting just one day. 

My garden, like Rushleigh, has been left similarly untended and weeds grow amidst the flowers.  Fortunately there are just enough flowers for me to continue to fill a bucket each time I visit my mother.  Ellen's well-being is more important to me than writing or tending my garden.  She delights in the vases of flowers which crowd the top of her chest of drawers.  She always says "They lift my spirits!" and I can see that they do by the smile on her face and the light in her eyes.

This energetic coprosma which grows across the garden path is excellent in flower arrangements, long-lasting and helping to fill space and gives elegance with its glossy leaves.  My little cat Louisa, is my constant companion as you can see!

I piled these rose petals on Ellen's tea tray after I had done the flowers, taking out the old ones.  The petals had been just about to fall.  They would wither overnight, but for one last evening they were glorious. 

So I haven't forgotten Rushleigh - am just otherwise occupied at present. 

In the meantime I wish you all the fragrance and grace of Nature's bounty.

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