Monday, 11 June 2018

Words for winter ~ and warming desserts

Winter is upon us and as the darkest time of the year draws near mood can drop with light levels and temperature.  Good food is a great way to stoke up and make us feel good, as is the lively warmth of an open fire... 

For me finding words, images and rhythms to express inner gloom can also really cheer me up - it's one of those paradoxes with which our good world abounds!  It's like singing the Blues, I guess, or winding up a bit of loud Rock or Heavy Metal!  Or if I'm in the mood for Classical, organ music can work wonders.  Anyway, here is my little effort for the evening:

Sun gone
     light fades,
          mist and chill rise.

I wander the swamp
     tinderbox in hand
          seeking fire.

Darkness and the swamp
     draw me in.
Peat burns below.
     The swamp and I are one.

Phew!  That feels better!

Note: peat can burn underground, as noted here:

Okay, on to three of my favourite winter desserts: 

And it must be about time to make marmalade as grapefruit will be ripening now - don't miss out:

Marmalade ~ my recipe ~ ratios for citrus, sugar and water

Loads of other yummy food recipes can be found on this page:
Keep warm now, and be sure to stoke that inner fire as well.  

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