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Serious earthquakes in Christchurch and Canterbury, rocked the region for months and lesser aftershocks continue.  I've written a range of articles about them.  These include many links to useful sites and other articles, a wide selection of photographs, and my own thoughts and observations. 

Firstly, for those who want to see the city centre as it is in 2015 a bus tour is available:

I've created the chronological list below to show the sequence of events and to usefully group my writings about them. 

4th September 2010: first earthquake
1st November 2010:
22nd February 2011: second major quake: 185 fatalities (amended figure)
26th February 2011:
4th March 2011:
20th March 2011:
24th March 2011:
6th April 2011:
2nd May 2011:
13th June 2011: third major earthquake event
23rd July 2011:
6th September 2011:
7th September 2011:
17th December 2011:
23rd December 2011: fourth major earthquake event

January 2012:
March 2012:
    April 2012:
    June 2012:
    July 2012:
    August 2012:
    October 2012
    June 2013:
    The clip below was filmed recently, two and a half years after The Big One:

    And a short 'Before' and 'After' video: the first part was taken before the earthquakes and the other just recently; they show the same stretch of road in the city centre - Colombo Street.  This is a very bleak comparison!   Many thanks to Rachael Mellor and Christopher Bateman for posting this on Facebook.

    January 2014:
    Members of my family have now all moved away from Christchurch, so my coverage has tailed off as I have little occasion to go back there.  

    The earthquake aftermath is far from over, as the video below shows.  Footage, which I gather was taken by a drone, shows the extent of devastation in the suburb of Avonside - with the inset footage showing the same area before the earthquakes.  Each plot of land was the home of a household or family.  Where are they now?  Where are their homes?  Where indeed!  A big thank you to Jimmy Ryan for his extensive and meticulous work on this and related videos:

    Jimmy Ryan's video's of other red-zoned Christchurch suburbs can be found by clicking this text.

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